Superior Apartment

One of our biggest apartments. Spacious living room with a big dining table for 4.

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One Bedroom Apartment

Three words can describe this apartment - views, views and views. South side provides views on the main square and east side has two windows with beautiful views on Dolac open market. Absolute deluxe experience.    

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King Studio Apartment

One of our bestsellers because of its size to comfort ratio. It is very popular among solo travelers and couples alike. The views on the Dolac market square when you wake up are absolutely stunning. They invite you to go downstairs and get some fresh fruits or vegetables.

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Standard Studio Apartment

This studio is ideal for those who like to explore the city all day long. The views of the studio are on the backyard of the building so we hid it a bit. One advantage is that you have a balcony so it is suitable for smokers. But none the less you have all you need for a...

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Comfort Apartment

One of our biggest apartments with spectacular view on saint Mary's church, one of the oldest churches in Zagreb. You have at your disposal a spacious bedroom and a nice living room with big TV and a view directly at the church.  

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