The story of Dolac one apartments started in late August 2016. The vision was clear – make your experience of Zagreb the best ever. We wanted that experience to happen through deluxe accommodation in the very center of Zagreb with reasonable prices and exceptional service. What we offer you is 5 one bedroom apartments and 3 studio apartments.

All of our apartments are situated on the second floor right above unique, historic and charming Zagreb's open market called Dolac. The journey through history starts right from the entrance into the building with big brass doors, somewhat art deco staircase and an authentic vintage elevator. Upon arriving to the second floor you can either go right or left into the hallway and modernly designed and furnished apartments. And from there – everything is set for you to feel as relaxed as possible to truly explore Zagreb. We will provide you with a city map, brochures in your own language, traditional Zagreb's sweets, a bottle of Jana water and also any tip and advice you need. It's all about you.